Located in Pensacola Florida, I've had tropical nano freshwater fish since I was 10 yrs old. Almost all of my life I've provided a haven for these animals and they've provided me inner peace.

Fish became my full-time focus during the tumultuous time of 2020. I woke up covered in sweat, screaming at the ceiling and realized the fish were calling me. I also had Covid. Since then I've steadily mastered the art of keeping water columns and reading fish body language. It feels good to have my old man hobby in place for the future. It's not a job as I'm mostly just hangin with fish.

Maintaining as much good freshwater as possible is my main goal. On YouTube I try to deliver an honest opinion that highlights the area of fishkeeping between beginner and intermediate. Sometimes a little salt just doesn't cut it, sometimes you need epsom salt instead.

I aim to give an unbiased opinion, not an opinion that will help my fish store.  I think it's imperative to flatten the learning curve into fish, doing research on my childhood pets I realized that aquarium fish are some of the most misunderstood animals in the pet world. Despite perhaps a low emotional cost it's one of the most complicated pets in terms of information depth. I maintain that a rat, cat or dog are the only animals you can care for from intuition, everything else should be a lot of reading (or watching YouTube).

The fish industry perpetuates this misunderstanding by making fishkeeping appear beginner friendly to increase sales at chain stores. Some big box fish stores have mastered the art of the fish death-mill, having guarantees and then blaming your "inexperience" when fish perish. I'll gladly replace some of that quality gap. Until next time, fishkeepers, until next time.