Shipping & FAQ

What days do you ship?

How do you ship? 
I ship with USPS Priority. Live animals will arrive in Styrofoam insulation with a cooling/heating pack as needed.

How bad does the weather have to get for you to hold shipping?
I will hold shipping if weather is below 25°F or above 105°F.

What are the acclimation instructions?
I suggest putting shrimp immediately in their home. No drip acclimation required. The less stress the best. For fish I suggest letting the bag of water adjust to room temperature for 15 minutes on a counter, DO NOT FLOAT BREATHER BAG. Remove fish from bag into their home. If a fish is dead, immediately take picture and remove any live fish from the bag, and skip acclimation. After putting fish in their new home it’s best to turn off light and don’t feed for the rest of the day but if you’re experienced with a different technique feel free to use that.

What if my fish are DOA?
If any fish are DOA please send a good picture of deceased to and you will be taken care of.